Category: Committee Meetings

Summary of Comittee Meeting held on 17th March

Skip provision – it was decided that a large 30 cubic metre skip (same size as last year’s) would be ordered. The skip should arrive on the Thursday before Easter and will be sited on the bottom car park.
On a related matter the committee expressed annoyance at the recent tipping of rubbish on the top car park (close to the shop). 
It is hoped that whoever is responsible will remove it and that no-one else adds to the unwelcome pile.
Meeting Cabin – It is the intention of the committee to apply for grant funding in order to purchase a new meeting cabin as the existing one is in very poor condition and beyond repair. Prior to this,  planning permission will be sort from the local authority.
New Website – The new website was discussed and it was agreed that amongst other information,  a summary of the committee’s meeting would be included as a way of keeping the membership informed.
Chickens – The question of keeping chickens on the allotments was discussed. Given that the site is surrounded on all sides by housing, great concern was expressed at the likelihood of causing nuisance and annoyance to neighbouring residents. The committee has decided that the keeping of chickens is not appropriate on our particular allotment site and will not therefore be permitted.
Allotment Shop – Prestwich Horticultural Society has now disbanded and has passed control of the shop, it’s stock, operating capital and a reserve fund, over to the  allotment association. 
The shop is successfully run by a team of  volunteers operating on a rota, however the purchasing and accounting are carried out by Margaret Mahon who, having given up her plot a couple of years ago is now looking to move on altogether. In view of this the committee will be actively seeking a suitable replacement as Shop Manager.
Hose-Pipes – The committee discussed the use of hose pipes when connected to the mains water on site. It was pointed out that the policy of only using hose pipes to refill depleted water butts and not to allow them to be used to water the plots directly, had been a resolution passed at an AGM and was therefore a standing rule. It was further pointed out that the conditions of tenancy  make no mention of a tenant having any absolute right to use the water taps. The committee resolved to enforce the hose pipe usage policy should any tenant be found to be flouting it.