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Dry Weather Reminder for all Tenants

We are enjoying a very long dry spell and I expect all but the most dedicated rainwater harvester amongst us has long ago resorted to using the mains water supply on site.

The Association encourages the collecting of water from shed roofs etc. and we accept that when water butts are depleted they may need to be replenished from the mains using a hosepipe.

What we ask members to refrain from doing is directly watering their plot using a hosepipe. Our concern is solely for the water bill which in a hot year can easily be over £1,000.

If you do see another tenant using a hosepipe please check that they aren’t simply refilling a water butt before commenting. But if they are directly watering using a hose please inform them of our water usage policy in a polite manner, or alternatively inform the Association Secretary.

Also, with regard to bonfires on-site, the Association has received two complaints from local residents so far this spring. Again, please politely point out to anyone lighting a fire during this glorious weather that they’ll more than likely be causing nuisance and annoyance to our residential neighbours, as well as to other allotment users.

Please continue to treat others courteously.


John Waddington
Secretary LAHA